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From the date 1 to the date 5/8 is last, Isuzu Việt Nam has been present to display 3 your model of the specencies in the Lãm Ô Tô Việt Nam - VMS 2017. With not new display, special and floating , triển lãm gian hàng của hãng xe Nhật Bản nổi tiếng đã thu hút rất đông khách tham quan và bình luận trong suốt 5 ngày diễn ra chương trình.

The new novel is not currently currently display.

Gian triển của Isuzu được xây dựng dựa trên hình tượng của truyện tranh One Piece nổi tiếng. The full color space and has a special edition in the publication in the Japan Map Isuzu is not become a different brand and new in VMS 2017.

Isuzu tái hiện màu sắc và màu sắc độc đáo tại VMS 2017

In ISUZU row, event is open with your playlist of the following life of the following life, the following manga Japan Bản One Piece. With the message “ĐÀO CŨNG LÀ NHÀ” của nhóm hải tặc, Isuzu Việt Nam truyền tải thông điệp về the full action carrier out of the edge of Isuzu.

The musical opens with the introduction of the new Isuzu Motorhome

Explaining the reason for choosing this new topic, Mr. Hidekazu Noto, General Director of Isuzu Vietnam, said: "We want to convey the message of challenging adventure journeys to the familiar Isuzu cars. attached. The adventurous spirit, which faces the challenge, only really begins when it comes to running a durable, absolutely safe and highly fuel-efficient car - the attributes of any Isuzu car. "

Mr. Hidekazu Noto (CEO) and Mr. Daisuke Yamada - Managing Director of Isuzu Vietnam on the opening day of Isuzu booth

D-MAX TYPE X 2017 and MU-X LIMITED BLACK 2017 - "The perfect duo"

To highlight the special event, Isuzu also offers two major models of the car: D-MAX TYPE X 2017 and mu-X Limited Edition 2017 SUV. and improved interior and exterior, these two models are worth the most versatile vehicle line and reasonable investment costs.

MU-X Limited edition black 2017 with attractive appearance

Isuzu mu-X LIMITED Black Edition 2017 with strong personality black, inherited the outstanding advantages of the Isuzu mu-X first launched in Vietnam a year ago. This version is equipped with DVD completely new car, built-in Vietmap. Brown wood furniture combined with luxurious ivory leather seats makes the interior space more spacious. In the Vietnamese market, this is a highly rated SUV with a modern and elegant design from all angles, equipped with a world-famous diesel engine for strong performance, durability and economy. compared with the same segment SUVs.

Luxury wood trim


Ivory high quality leather seats create modern and spacious space inside the car

Another great product of the exhibition is the famous D-MAX pickup with the special version of the Isuzu D-MAX TYPE X 2017 white with the message BORN TO X-CITE - Journey excited. Not only does it have a durable, fuel-efficient motor, the Isuzu D-MAX TYPE X 2017 also boasts a strong, masculine design. Exterior with front bumpers, sport bumper, dark gray grille with Isuzu red logo, decorative stamp along the body, on the bonnet and rear bumpers, gray wheels with red Isuzu logo. The rear bumper is designed impressively with eye-catching design and sporty. D-MAX TYPE X interior is decorated with wood, luxury leather seats, power steering seats. Multifunctional entertainment system.

Actor Huy Khanh beside the D-MAX TYPE X personality

The tailgate of the D-MAX TYPE X was designed by Isuzu for the Vietnamese market

The interior of the car is luxurious wood with the logo TYPE X highlight

The D-MAX and mu-X duo are known as the "King of the Hill", which is known as the "King of the Hill" in the Thai automobile market - dubbed "Detr

MotorHome - The most unique feature of VMS 2017

Exhibited at the center of the exhibit area is the special model: Isuzu Motorhome - "Mobile Homes" for the first time in Vietnam. This special car from Isuzu has received a lot of attention from the press, professionals and car lovers for its versatility, novelty in terms of design and perfection in terms of its utility.

Mẫu xe mới lạ này được giới chuyên môn đánh giá là một trong những “điểm nhấn” quan trọng tại VMS 2017

Được thiết kế dựa trên dòng xe bán tải Isuzu D-MAX, chiếc Isuzu MotorHome mang đến cảm giác trải nghiệm đầy thú vị và chinh phục. Ngoài khả năng vận hành mạnh mẽ và tiết kiệm nhiên liệu, Isuzu MotorHome còn sở hữu thiết kế “độc nhất vô nhị” với thùng sau được thiết kế và trang bị đầy đủ các tiện nghi lý tưởng như một “Ngôi nhà di động”. Đặc biệt, không gian bên trong thùng sau được bố trí một cách linh hoạt nhằm phục vụ nhu cầu thư giãn, giải trí, tiệc tùng, họp mặt gia đình/bạn bè, và làm phòng ngủ cho cả 5 người. Có thể kể đến một số điểm cộng vượt trội của không gian sống thông minh bên trong chiếc Isuzu MotorHome như sau:

  • Furnished, luxurious: wooden lumber; dining table, cupboard, multipurpose storage compartment; Mini bar with fridge; washbasin, bathroom with shower, mirror and toilet.
  • Modern living space: Lighting system creates warm space with yellow and blue light, Remote control system; Full entertainment system with LED TV, built-in HDMI / USB
  • The complete power supply system includes an inverter power amplifier (1,000 W), two storage batteries (80 AMP x 2), a waste water tank, an electrical outlet, a USB / HDMI socket.
  • Sofas with high quality felt and simili, adjustable and adjustable flexible bed
  • Comfortable outdoor cover when camping

The interior space is spacious and fully equipped for the family

The ideal living space inside the car is suitable for families who love to move

Isuzu MotorHome is truly "Superstar" can meet the needs of every family travel, bring the feeling of "WHAT is home" on every journey to enjoy life. Unfortunately, because this car is not allowed in Vietnam so Isuzu only show this model at VMS 2017.

With the return of VMS 2017, bringing the mainstream of the company, Daisuke Yamada - Managing Director of Isuzu Vietnam continues to affirm the philosophy of Isuzu: "Our goal is not only to produce Means of transportation purely. We look forward to creating trustworthy friends to enjoy life with. "

In addition to the images of Isuzu at VMS 2017:

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